Club Penguin Field Op #69 Guide.

Today, The EPF have a new Field Op mission that they need you to complete. The 69th field op, in fact. Here is a complete guide on how to do it, and earn yourself an EPF medal.
1. Click your flashing spy phone, click Go There and waddle to the big yellow ‘Field Ops’ screen.
2. Accept your orders from Gary, and waddle over to the Recycling Center.
3. Stand next to the Computer on the right of the Recycling Center.

4. Complete the minigame by moving the block at the bottom with you arrow keys, to match up with the block of the same color which is falling from the top.

And that is it! Well done agent, You have completed the 69th EPF Field Op assignment, and have earned yourself yet another EPF medal to spend in the Elite Gear section of your spyphone.

-Stralis33, CCPC Owner.


Club Penguin Better Igloos Catalog February 2012.

Today marks the release of the February edition of the Better Igloos Furniture Catalog. Lets have a look at the cover:

Now, lets take a look at all the hidden items inside this catalog.
Page 2
There are no cheats on the first page, so we move straight on to the second page, where you can find the Cavern Chair by clicking on any of the inside leaves of the Swinging Vine.

Page 3
On this page, the Tropical Palm can be found by clicking on the wheel of the Pirate Ship.

Page 4
The only hidden item on Page 4 is the Steering Wheel and you can find it by clicking on the right-side pole of the Violet Velvet Rope.

Page 5
The Final new hidden item in this month’s catalog is the Mannequin, which can be located by clicking on the right-side cup on the Judge’s Table.

That is all for this catalog. Come back next month for more hidden items.
-Stralis33, CCPC Owner.

Club Penguin Migrator Construction & Play Treasure Hunt At The Beach.

Today, Captain Rockhopper’s ship, the Migrator, docked at the Beach to begin construction ready for the Rockhopper’s Quest on Feb 24. You can not enter the Migrator at this time. Here is how the Beach looks:

As you can see in the picture, all the Treasure Hunt games have been moved onto the Beach during Construction. This means that you can play Treasure Hunt, and earn all the stamps, at the Beach!

Are you excited for Rockhopper’s Quest? I am!
Leave you opinions in the comments.

-Stralis33, CCPC Owner.

Club Penguin Camera Pin.

A few days ago, there was a new Pin released onto Club Penguin. This pin is located at the Dock, and is in the shape of a Camera.

This pin is related to the Fashion Show currently taking place in the Gift Shop.
Do you like this pin? Leave a comment!

-Stralis33, CCPC Owner

Club Penguin Fashion Show 2012.

Hello. As the Underwater Party ends, another party starts. And although small, this party is a completely new idea. This party, is a Fashion Show. But… There are NO free items, and there is only one decorated room. Oh well. Here is the only decorated room, the Gift Shop.

My favorite thing about this party, though, is the fact Cadence is waddling around Club Penguin, and you can add her, and earn her stamp!

What do you think of this Party? Make sure to leave your opinion in a comment below!
-Stralis33, CCPC Owner.

New Club Penguin Pin – Hot Sauce Pin.

Today on Club Penguin, in preparation for the Card Jitsu Party starting on November 24th, there is a new pin in the shape of a Hot Sauce bottle, located at the Underground Cave.

Well I like this pin, do you?
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Club Penguin Operation Hibernation Walkthrough.

Today, Gary’s ‘Operation Hibernation’ comes into action, and you must make sure Herbert hibernates!
First, go to the Ski Village and through the gate to the Party Rooms. Go through the rooms until you come to the room with the tree stump in. Now, go through the barrier in the bottom right of your screen, marked ‘EPF Only’.

In this next room, make sure to pick up your free InfaRed Helmet. It is vital to the next stage of the operation.

Follow the paw prints through the passageway, then click ‘Done’ when Gary’s message appears.
Now put on your InfaRed Helmet.
To get through the lasers, stand right next to the laser you want to go through, then, as soon as it disappears, quickly run past it.

In the second room of lasers, make sure to pick up the key on the right of your screen!
Once you have been through all three laser maze rooms, you will find yourself in Herbert’s Lair.
The first thing you have to do is throw three snowballs at each of the boxes marked with a lightning bolt in the right hand corner. Now G will send you the parts to make a Mini AC3000. Put them together so it looks like this:

And that’s it! You will now receive three EPF medals and an AC3000 Pin!