Club Penguin Mascots!

A mascot is a special penguin, who have a signed background and a stamp available to all penguins when they meet them. They also have a special playercard. They are very famous on Club Penguin.
On Club Penguin, there are 9 mascots. Rockhopper, Cadence, Sensei, Gary, Aunt Arctic, and the 4 members of the Penguin Band.
On this page, you will learn all about each one of them.

Rockhopper is a pirate penguin from Club Penguin. He is normally away at sea, on his ship, the Migrator, looking for treasure. He is a red penguin, with a huge black pirate hat, black beard and black eyebrows. He speaks very ‘piratey’ langage, and he likes to use words such as ‘Arr’, ‘Yarr’, ‘Shiver me Timbers’ and ‘Mateys’ a lot. When he comes to Club Penguin, he docks his ship at the Beach, where penguins can enter it, and buy treasure from the store. If you find the key to the Captain’s Quarters, you can eneter inside and play a game called ‘Treasure Hunt.’ He discovered an island, which he named Rockhopper Island, con which he also found red puffles. He has a pet red puffle called Yarr. He also wrote a book called ‘Captains Log’, which can be read at the Book Room. If you scroll to the back page, you can find the key to the Captain’s Quarters!
If you ever see Rockhopper on Club Penguin, make sure to pick up his free background!

Here are all his backgrounds:

DJ Cadence, also known as ‘K-Dance’, is a penguin that you could say is a lot like us! She is certainly designed to be popular with us young and modern penguins, using words like ‘LOL’, ‘LOLz’ ‘Epic’ and ‘Fail’. She was first introduced to Club Penguin in January 2009, when she introduced the Dance Contest game and held the ‘Waddle On Dance-A-Thon’ Party.She is a very fun penguin, and likes to dance. She is a peach penguin with pink hair, a pink and yelow scarf, DJ headphones, white trainers, and white bracelets. If you see her, remember to get her Background!

Gary the Gadget Guy, or ‘G’, is Club Penguin’s resident inventor. He invented most of the machines on Club Penguin, including the Pizzatron 3000, Aqua Grabber, Jet Packs, and the EPF SpyPhone. Gary is in the EPF. He has been seen on Club Penguin at the Festival of Flight, Halloween Party, and the Penguin Play Awards. If you see him, you must remember to snap up his background!

Aunt Arctic is the editor-in-chief of the Club Penguin Times Newspaper. She has a weekly column in the newspaper called Ask Aunt Arctic, where she answers questions that penguins send her. You can send her a question by looking in the back of the newspaper. She first came to Club Penguin to meet penguins at the Penguin Play Awards, then came back again for the Christmas Party. She has only ever brought one background to Club Penguin.

The Penguin Band are the main Club Penguin band on the island. They created all the igloo tunes, and their first appearence on Club Penguin was all the way back in 2006, at the Western Party. They have since been seen at every Music Jam party, and both the Penguin Play Awards. They have Franky on the guitar, G-Billy on drums, Petey K on accordian, and Stompin’ Bob on the violin. If you see any of the band members, make sure to pick up their background!

The Sensei is a wise old penguin who lives at the Dojo in the mountains. He is a ninja, and teaches young ‘grasshoppers’ the art of Card Jitsu. You can always see him at the Dojo, and you must challenge him to become a ninja, but you can’t get his background here. He built the Dojo. He looks at the sky, to find out when the time is right for the next ninja journey. He speaks in Haiku. He visits Club Penguin when a new ninja journey is beginning.

Some of the backgrounds in the pictures are no longer available on Club Penguin, but maybe the mascot will bring them back one day? You never know! If there are ever any new mascots on Club Penguin, then you can be sure that they will be posted here!


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